Sunday, June 12, 2016

There are Crazies

The LGBT are the ends of the normal distribution of the population - sexual attraction curve. They exist, and for no reason. We all exist for no reason, we just do. They are the extremes, should be allowed to live out there lives in peace, just like the religious nuts who have been trained to be idiots and believe blindly that there are god's, that any long dead book on how to live applies today. That is not to say none of them are right; even a stopped watch is right twice a day. We need to sort it all, and throw away all the garbage and that which is not common to most rational books on how to live and be a great human.

The danger from LGBT community is that they glorify the ends of the normal distribution, and draw marginal people on the normal distribution curve into the LGBT fold. Oh well, there are too many people anyway.

It is the strong hatred of a group that is not right, as is the belief that anyone's thoughts and religious beliefs are right and should be imposed on others. There is no gods. There is not after live, no permanent soul. The self is largely an illusion. Free will is limited to those thing in our control and complete ownership, beliefs, opinions, decisions, desires and the like.  We are all just transient organisms doing our alive time on this big rock falling toward the sun. It does not matter, we all die in the end.


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