Wednesday, June 15, 2016

So who's beliefs are wrong?

So who's beliefs are wrong? This week Orlando has had a few problems. We have both so called Christians and Muslims condemning LGBTs. This shows both religions are wrong. Gays are the ends of the normal distribution of sexual attraction normal distribution curve. Don't worry, you are the end of one of those curves as well. The only question is which curve and is that extreme characteristic aiding or detracting your progress in the world.

Any belief system that says it is right and all others are wrong is just wrong. Evidence says all belief systems that put some historical, mythical, supernatural figure on a pedestal is just a belief system. If that belief system also says only we are right, they see the first sentence in this paragraph. That makes Christianity and Islam just wrong, at least on that point. There is no supernatural, no god, no life after death. All is impermanent, subject to change and unsatisfactory to some. The ego, the self is an illusion, and death is final. That is what the physical evidence suggests. There may be other views but there is no evidence. So if anyone says otherwise, it is just smoke talking. A lucid dream. A conjecture. Oh well, we all die in the end.

So we are all in this world and the most peaceful way to survive until we die is in peace with each other, This can only be achieved if we all stop pushing our wrong non evidence based beliefs on others. We can lay out the evidence and let others decide if our explanation could be right or if they have a better one to explain the evidence. Supernatural explanations are just not explanations. If you have no explanation, then it is conjecture and should be disregarded.

There was a story about a fellow who through a propane tank into a fire and walked away from a flat earth girl, his potential daughter in-law. I understand the frustration, and to walk away is the only solution to some people. Oh well, we all die in the end anyway. 

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