Sunday, June 19, 2016

A special kind of stupid

A special kind of stupid is a Sarah Palin classic statement for someone she disagrees with that is essentially meaningless, yet sound like it might be something. As far as I am concerned, Sarah Palin, is, in her own words, a special kind of stupid. She is a unique individual, a unpredictable animal. Oh well, I am not in the US.

We could apply her statement against anyone we do not agree with; Christians, Muslims, Jews, LGBTQ, or any other group. We could apply it to ourselves as an excuse for doing or not doing any act, error, omission. A meaningless verbal blow against ourselves is often useful for deflection of pigshit.

Humans do not strike me as a "social animal" but rather as an animal that has learned to use social skills to get along, and will revert back to violence for any reason. We may be more social that the Neanderthal was, but we leave a lot to be desired. Perhaps more evolution is required, but will that work. We are overpopulated, more than this earth can support, long term. We are in for a mass die off, a bottle neck in population, an opportunity for evolution change to take hold. Oh well, in the end we all die anyway.

Those who cannot tolerate the crudity that this life offers will be the first to suffer. Life contains suffering; that suffering is caused by our expectations and delusions that life should be better; there is a solution, and that solution is to follow a defined criteria without concern for those who do not follow. Sound familiar? It is the four noble truths of Buddhism, generalized. But wait, those are the four steps in general problem solving in society, aka develop a new belief system, cult, or similar system. Oh well, in the end we die anyway.       


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