Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It's Our Culture, Stupid

All is culture, that which is not physical. Well that is what some would lead us to believe, or perhaps not. We are raised in a subset of the mass culture, We learn in a second subset, we work in another, we are entertained by another artificial representation of our culture. We are influenced at every turn toward something that is "our culture." So what then is culture? - the sum of all external influences on our life, so it has tremendous impact.

Truth and real evidence have never been the foundation of any culture until science developed a foothold. So perhaps now we should look at evidence based culture. So each of us is a subset of our culture unto ourselves. Our culture drives us, controls us, provides the insensitive to get up in the morning, to get to work, to work hard perhaps, depending on how we define our work, and how we treat family. It is the result of the way we were raised, and the present environment. How can we escape?

To leave earth we much reach escape velocity, which simply, is the speed we would be traveling in a geosynchronous orbit. Faster, we leave the system, slower, we fall back. To leave our culture, we need to travel to a space where there are no others, but wait, we bring our culture with us. That is the problem with immigrants, they bring there culture with them, and form "ghettos" by not mixing. Oh well, that is there problem. To change our culture, we simply need to start believing or doing something different. It is that simple. We can step back and call Pigshit on anything without evidence of truth.

In Sapien, a book on Bill Gates's Summer reading list, chaos is divided into two categories; that which is somewhat predictable, and that which the prediction effects the outcome, aka is influenced by the prediction. Human culture is the latter. So how does one change human culture? Well we just start by doing differently. Let the religious carry on believing what they may, knowing that it is wrong, but there actions do not hurt me, yet they do hurt others and themselves. Oh well, we all just die in the end. Spread the message of doing good acts because doing good act make us feel good, it is that simple. No after life, no moral imperative, no supernatural power dictated. No bigger reason, no purpose of life. It is just our culture to do good, to be peaceful, and to follow good behavior. We need not react to the push of advertising, movies, tv, etc, toward violence. All religions that call for violence should be abandoned.   In fact the media is contributing to the chaos of our culture. We can abandon the influence of all media and return to predictable chaos, just like the immigrants who cloister themselves away from the public life. Oh well, we all just die in the end.     

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