Thursday, September 10, 2015

Solution to ISIL

The solution to ISIL problem is obvious: communism. This will get rid of the radical god believing death denying Islams. They think the world has learned nothing since Mohammad. Communism will make then toe the company line, just a Pol Pot did in Cambodia.

After hearing about the kid who claims to understand Islam better than his father, it is apparent that extreme arrogance to the point of stupidly is how radicalization occurs. We will not bow to anyone but Allah. OK, that is your attitude, not fact.

What does a bow indicate? Well that depends on the one doing the bowing. It could be respect. It could be acknowledgement, nothing more. It could be a sign of subservience which is likely what Mohammad was thinking. It could be a be a sarcastic acknowledgement to the enormous ego of person being bowed to or it could be a simple physical movement meaning nothing. It is what the bower wants it to mean. There will be some who say that it is what the cultural meaning is, and if you think that, whatever! To those I will give the sign of having a bad day, made famous by Trudeau in Salmon Arm, B.C. And believing the meaning makes it so.

As Epictetus, there is nothing as discussing as arrogance in the young. 

But then what do I know.  

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