Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Local Over Population

Have we ever stopped to consider how the world, as we know it, will end? Our population is now doubling every 25 years more or less. We have finite resources. So what will the end, aka, a major change look like? It will not end well for the human animal.

Overpopulation occurs when an area cannot support it's population. This could be a food shortage, water, energy, physical disaster, or similar issue, where the area cannot or will not support it's population. This can be political, where the people will not support the political or religious,  environment, civil war and religious terrorism, such as Syria. What can the people do but try to leave.

Ultimately, it becomes a case of local overpopulation. The first response is to flood outward, looking for a different area to settle in. We see this in the fossil record, the extinction of the less social Neanderthal population, while the more social homo sapiens survived an abrupt climate change. We see this with natural disasters like even Katerina. These are accompanied with a population die off of some degree. Tragic, yes, but predictable. This is what we are seeing in Syria, along with irrational religion.

The new world order should control population and eliminate religion and ignorance through more and better education. Separation of opinion, marketing bullshit, cerements and facts is also necessary. One child policy may be the way to start. The governments do not yet see the need nor have the political will to do anything, even to start discussion on such subjects. It is unwilling to address the obesity issues we have today, caused mainly by the Canada Good Food guide, chemical cocktail we live in, and the population not understanding the problem of hormone controlled appetite. We are overeating because our hormones are out of balance, caused by our foods.

But then, what do I know?



  1. I just happened to glance thru your sidebar - you're hiding your light under a barrel, Fred!!! but now I'll have these archives to read...
    Good post! I was a big fan of apocalyptic sci-fi stories - remember one very clearly from Asimov which featured the breakdown of society...about...right...NOW!!!
    (not that we should be patting ourselves on the back - we've just kicked that can down the road for a few more decades)

  2. Thanks Val.

    When we get right down to it, who cares enough to do anything about it all? And at the political level, who cares? Back in the 60's we hippies talked openly of overpopulation, food shortages, and the like. Someone came up with the idea of pushing grains, and making it taste better by adding more sugar and grinding it finer. Now we have the obesity problem. Oh well, shit happens.

    Society has been breaking down since we realized that we could reproduce better as a big group than as individuals of small groups.