Saturday, March 14, 2015

Secret Police State

Just gota put in a picture; a bride to far, well to Dickinson, if memory serves. Potential terrorist target, yah sure. Mind you, a well placed old pick up truck or cable could do the job.

Krap:  The start of a secret police state. Wake up people, it is not secret anymore. It it were secret, we commons would not know about it. This bill makes it public. It legalizes the current government conduct. The government will no longer tolerate de-center's ok. If you ain't one of us, you are against us. That forgets about the majority, the apathetic. We the apathetic, who follow the rules, more or less, who pay taxes, and financially support the government, a government does more or less what it must to survive, is doing OK, more or less, so we are more or less OK with it.

The "fores" are separate from the apathetic, which are separate from the against, and many claim the apathetic. The neutral position is large and silent, regardless of Bushes like "if you are not with us, then you stand against us" illogical attempt to polarize the neutrals.  

If a group holds themselves apart from our open society, they are the ones who are prejudice, perhaps racial prejudice, or culturally prejudice, or perhaps behavioral prejudice. We all have prejudice. Those are the things we do not support, even dislike. So what. Get on with life.

The natives are prejudiced against us white who support them. They are free to go live as they did before we came. They are free to go back to the stone age, if they desire, but no, they want to be kept in a style that matches the industrial age. I think we should do just that for the one who were here when we came, or for those who signed the original treaties. All now long dead. The natives are a conquered race/culture. In Roman time they would have become slaves. They expect us to keep them, while they breed like rabbits? It is time to pitch them off the dole, along with any new immigrant. There are lots of jobs going begging, most Tim Hortons are hiring. But the hi jab wearers have too much ego to work in the jobs they can get, but not to much ego welfare.

The Quebec government says no religious symbolizes in court, and the judge pitched a complainant out wearing a hijab, on welfare, trying to get her uninsured car back, which was being driven by here 21 year old son. Did she declare her car on the welfare forms? Not according to some reports. Oh well, C51 will not help this crap.

Enough venom. Support Bill C51  and apathy.      

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