Saturday, February 21, 2015

What is an Extremest?

Much loved in there day.
What is an Extremest?

Bill C-51 tries to answer that in a generic way. It calls or outlines anyone who is against the government's wishes an extremest. That makes me an extremest. Harper is just out to lunch, but he does not have the funding to identify all the people who are against his "belief system and values". We are just too many. What he need to limit himself to is those who have the capacity and willingness, even the inclination to become violent, and more importantly anyone who councils violence, or even descent from his expressed values.  Reference:

So what are his values? Certainly not for the common man, but for his employer and big business. Those control the economy and government. Small business, where most people are employed, are so regulated that it has chocked out many, and is making life difficult for more. It needs to either be medium sized and growing or gone. That is just not right. Many specialty business just do not have the market.

This suggest Bill C-51 can be used against anyone the government dislikes. Not good situation.

Is anyone who wears a head or face covering an extremest?
Harper seems to think so. It certainly displays distrust, and contributes to self isolation. They hold themselves separate from our society. That is an open display of prejudice against the masses. It is that isolation that makes, we the people, nervous.They are the unknown and want to keep it that way. There beliefs and values have ossified. These people are unknown, and keeping them separate from the masses. This can lead nowhere but to violence. 

But what do I know?

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