Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Fake pigeons, I do not know why. Is it a statement of what someone (the artist) things of the US Washington Monument? 

Seligman makes the case that in order to flourish in life, we needs positive emotion, but ignores a mission(s) or purpose(s). (Be aware of the newfiism) An expressed mission provide positive emotion so that we may know without any uncertainty if we are on track. The expression of that positive emotion and mission may help. That mission must have meaning to us and we are therefore engaged in it. We have commitment. Achievement, if fate permits, with accompanying satisfaction and stoic mental joy is typical. He also says we need positive relationships. So how does one have a positive relationship with a negative person? And what to do if it is a familiar relationship that we cannot run from?

The Stoics think "virtue" is a suitable mission, or to develop virtue in life. Most any virtues will do. The typical virtues are grouped as wisdom, self control, courage, and justice or prudence, temperance, justice, courage, persistence, compassion to produce orthogonal space sort of. That is all that is necessary and sufficient for a good life.

Is it enough that we have a plan and we are moving toward something rather than away? I was raised poor, and my first objective was to get out. Then, I started to move toward a career. Now that career is over, but I still need something to move toward. 

It is all good to separate positive relationships out, active or passive responses, constructive or destructive responses, but how do we deal with a general negative person, or negative toward me at least? Abandon and walk away? Just shut down around them? Ignore them, shut them out? Avoid prolonged contact? I do not know. We cannot abandon these negative people and consider ourselves to be compassionate, but we cannot let them drag us down either. It is what it is.  

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