Saturday, March 21, 2015

And so it goes



Bill C51, and
Now what?

And so the stomach turns. 

Well maybe.We, in Canada, now must be careful of what we say on the Internet, due to Bill C 51, now. CSIS are now legal able to monitor anyone's electronic messages. Canadian Security Intelligence Services has there main listening post in St. Johns, Newfoundland, and it is staffed with many people of the Rock. We must not upset those who have the legal right to watch everything we say. It is therefore unwise to continue to say anything that can be construed as negative to those from the Rock.

Every email, text message, Internet based phone call, skype, video chat, etc, is being filtered for specific words. Anything that trips is recorded and goes to a secondary electronic filter, and then to human filters. It is not apparent yet how much is actually being reviewed, but the mega data is always present.

Anyone who the government takes a dislike to can be placed on the no fly list, have their passport tagged, and have a full package of electronic surveillance started on them. I am not paranoid, it is happening now. I am already on their watch list as I help train people in a "potentially offensive and lethal sport".

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