Monday, March 30, 2015

Free Radicals

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When I was a kid, there was a bunch of eccentric bachelors living north of us along the Blue Ridge lumber lease. The land was cheap or they squatted on. There was one old fellow who built a shack over a steam boiler which had burned in a fire at the blue ridge mill. It was his winter heat source/furnace.

Then there was Johnny Chinchonie, I do not know how to spell the name, and all I recall is that he lived in a double pole wall cabin, dirt between the poles. The door, well tall window like portal, had a door that was hinged at the top and a stick that propped it open. He grew chickens and potatoes.

There was Jack (John) Casidey, Irish from the north, who was a bit of a drunk. When he was coming down off a bender would shoot at the "snakes".

There was another old fellow, who as late as 1971 drove a team of oxen in harness. (Not yoke) He bought a stone boat at my fathers farm auction for a dollar, and came down with this team to get it the next day. He road a log down, and the stone boat back. I just cannot remember his name.

There was Mr. Jones, who moved to Greencourt from the farm. He had two great danes, Queenie, and Lady. In Greencourt, of a sunny Sunday afternoon, he would go to the store and get a ice cream cone, and walk home, with a dog on each side. He would give a dog a lick, have one himself, give the other dog a lick. Any kid that came along got offered a lick.

Oh well.

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