Thursday, January 8, 2015

When does satire become abuse?

Ultimately, the moors felt abused by the cartoons, and with nothing else to do, lashed back with guns. There was wrong on both sides. How much abuse, bullying, satire, should any religion need to take? Is it the only possible response to lash out at the bullies?

I think all religions are not rational, but rather ways of thinking that are less stressful but wrong; when applied to the difficulties of life, these create a delusion. Life is difficult and contains suffering for most, more suffering for some. Regardless, we should be dealing with reality, not living in some deluded fictional mental state.

That is ultimately the first question to answer is one of what way do you want to live: in a deluded state or dealing with reality? If you do not accept that religion produces a deluded state, well then you are living in a deluded state and blissfully unaware. Go away and be happy in your deluded and unaware state. If you have seen the light, and become aware, perhaps you can answer the question, how much picking should a non-conformist need to endure? If we truly live in a free and open society, can we tolerate any abuse, satire, bullying?

If we are making some feel unwelcome, the first thing that will happen is cultural self-isolation. The culture will isolate itself for there own protection. Is that what you want, a country made up of a bunch of sub-cultures, each separate from the whole? No cross mixing, no trust between the groups, no cooperation between the groups? That is what Canada is becoming. 

We need to take a stance against bullying, including satire, if we want to become a free and open society. Freedom of speech is fine as a principal, but when it starts to damage the society we wish to build, it must be checked, or the society plan needs to be changed. Pick one, both are mutually exclusive.

If you want a homogenous society, that anyone who does not believe the party line is free game for abuse. Is that what you want? Be aware of eccentrics. They hold much of the knowledge of life, and are often not predictable.

So each nation must eventually choose. Free and open, planned one religion, or something in between.
And then we need to limit the children, aka population growth. The one child policy is about right, voluntarily or by force, or taxed or state raised children. 

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