Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Muslin Muslims, all religions. Wake up people. There is no god, at best it is just a concept, based on a dream, a delusion, of what you think life should be like. We are just opportunistic organic animal matter living on a big rock as it whirls about in space. Death is final and real, and there is nothing after death, just like before birth or conception. It does not exist, beyond "as a concept". That is fact. Get used to it.

If we are to get along, we must apply the prime directive and stay out of other peoples space. You can believe whatever shit you want, even if it is wrong. But when you go striking and killing the people that piss you off and harass you, you have gone to far. The harassers also need to give it a rest. All religions bear responsibility for promotion of the right to believe in a god concept.

It is time to get a grip of reality, and give you head a good shake. If anyone pokes fun at the religious, expect a backlash. It is an emotional response to a person who is living in a state of delusion, likely learned delusion. They should be permitted, but not encouraged to continue living in a state of delusion. We need to education them to the reality: we all are just opportunistic animals and must learn to get along if we are going to live in peace.

In Canada, we claim to tolerate any religion, so if that is the case, we could not tolerate the ongoing harassment of any religion. That is what satire really is. So if we were to allow harassment, we would not be tolerating idiot religions very well.

I guess what I am trying to say is there is wrong on both sides here. 

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