Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Triune Brain, Triune Memory?

Humans have a triune brain which we can also term as primal, unconscious, and conscious. Our recall memory seems to be connected mainly to the conscious. It is my contention that our beliefs are mainly connected to our unconscious brain. The primal should also have a memory portion, and that may be even deeper burred than our beliefs. We can examine ourselves and find what we believe. There are things like the purpose of life test to discover some of them. I have read enough philosophy to answer some of those very differently that I would have, but yet I have no current mission in my life. As I am more of a process person than goal oriented, a mission fit better than a purpose. Until now, my mission has been to get through to retirement, by doing what looks to be the next right thing. So now that I have reached retirement, I am still trying to understand myself, other people and world around me.

So, getting back to mind, memory pairs, we should have a third memory/ storage which stores reflexes and other trained in actions. Is this where the tendency to overeat is stored?  The primitive usually translate the intake of the senses into something meaningful. Vibrating air becomes sound, light reflections become images, molecule vibration becomes heat or cold, smells are identified, as are tastes. The primitive mind translates this to the unconscious/conscious into something we can interpreter, and our beliefs and reason can make use of these adequate impressions or not. It is amazing that this can happen, and mean something to the conscious and rational mind.

We know that a concept can enter the conscious mind either via visual or sound input. It it has foundation, clarity, importance, and is repeated, it can remain in the conscious mind, actively and then into recallable portions. If it is used enough, it can progress into the automatic belief portion of the mind, to the point it is automatic. Beliefs are usually learned over time by social learning, seeing others do, and say, by actions repeated ad infinitum; to infinity. So is primitive brain accessed in similar fashion, or is the information stored chemically, in diverse locations at the source of the signal. What does it matter if the system is broke; there is a problem, if there is no mission.

So once again we come to the same conclusion. Just as long as one is busy doing something, everything will be ok, until it is not, and then it does not matter anyway. The Last Marigold Hotel. Everything will be all right in the end, and it it is not all right, it is not yet the end. When we are returned to where we came from, it will not matter either. In the mean time, positive emotions on.


So what happens when the memory goes? Does it just become inactive, or does it go the way of the alzheimer's, a shortage of fat, too much carbohydrate problem? Do we learn to relate to vegetables better?

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