Saturday, January 10, 2015

What kind of society are we?

Ultimately, we need to answer for ourselves what kind of a society are we trying to become, before we can judge what is right and wrong in our behavior as a nation. Trudeau tried to promote a "just" society, and multicultural society. That is something that has not happen in a historical sense, but we could try. We must become able to tolerate frustration, and become very resilient to accomplish that lofty goal of a just society. Human nature will control long term. 

A just society would require justice for all, not a select majority culture. Being heard is not sufficient, but the minorities must not be harassed in any form, else they will strike back. There is the problem, Islam, and most religions want to assimilate others; that cannot happen or be allowed in a just society, else the balance of power may be endangered. The dominate society must remain dominate, else there will be unrest. It is not human nature to allow a dominate position to erode. To prevent that, birth control and population growth, by either immigration or conversion must be controlled. That will not be popular, as control is something that few will summit to. A just society, although a loft concept, is not a static condition without control and acceptance by most all.

Satire and other forms of abuse of minorities cannot be permitted to occur, nor can conversion of others. This can fuel decent and other issues.

How tolerant is our society? More tolerant than the French society, perhaps. Everybody must have the right to become a full citizen, with all the rights of citizenship and taxes, but the taxes collected must not be abused else revolt will occur. Betraying the public faith should be a higher level crime, as should fraud, and the like.

Blogs are the only public outlet we have now. These have no impact unless they go viral, and even then, the impact is short lived. Apathy is the common reaction to most things we do not agree with, we just go away. Oh well, we are just doing life anyway.  

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