Friday, June 2, 2017


Tolerance is what has been lost that is so critical in the inter-meshing of cultures. We tolerate the natives by paying for the old treaties so that we can have near ideal Indians, living in great quantities on some reserves. Here is an example of native intolerance:

We tolerate the uneducated ideas of some religions. Muslims are also a multi sect religion, and some portions have lost tolerance for other sections and other religions. All conflict can be seen as loss of tolerance. Some time groups need to be stopped, if not stomped out, but then that is lack of tolerance combined with aggression.

The Muslims need to learn tolerance of others, and not go unhinged when we depict Mohamed as a violent general, for that is what he was. Oh well, shit happens.

I was at a talk, really a begging secession for teaching critical thinking to the third world, at a time that the US of Assholes is moving to a stupid position on climate change, to that of climate change deniers. Since 1974, we have know that human activities is driving up Co2 levels, and that is driving climate change. It is science, a mater of logic, proof with sound evidence, and it comes down to world population is too great. The US government is deigning all this. It is not taking the logical path, accepting climate change and making an economic decision to not address the effects of population. In this one move, the US has gone from a leading nation to a nation in decline, flailing about with a massive ego. We must tolerate this flailing, but it may be best to step back and let them flail as the world fails

This group of critical thinking promoters has created a recipe for critical thinking that works, just like the scientific method. It spends considerable time at understanding our biases, which once we identify them, we can apply critical thinking to each, and start to dismantle the supernatural thinking, the "witch craft and shay-men, spirit world, the learning by memorization, and the like. Oh well.

The recipe is; argument (assumption, precepts, conclusions), biases, context, diagram, evidence, fallacies. The emotional and spirit world will just need to learn to tolerate critical thinking as we continue to evolve down the path to pure logical people, or to well balanced emotional/logical people. Emotions are what drive us forward, we need those along with logic to lay the course. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.           

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