Saturday, June 10, 2017

Critical Thinking

Christians got us this far. Now what? The above article demonstrates how unthinking, brutal, lacking compassion, lacking understanding some christians can be. Small c christians, they do not deserve any respect. Any young person is struggling to resist the hormonal drive we humans have. That drive is why the human species has prospered and our population has grown out of control and is currently beyond that which out planet can support, when combined with our energy use. The young are not at fault, it is a hormonal drive. Some manage to learn to resist, some do not. It is no different than addiction; it is or becomes a physical drive to do something. Some can resist, some cannot.

It is no different than being overweight, which is caused by overeating, which is caused by a hormonal drive to eat more than we need. If we humans could resist, there would not be 60% of the population overweight. Some people do not have the desire to eat; they are the normal weight people now; they cannot be compared to the those with the desire. It is all well and good, but unless those are perfect in all ways, they are hypocrites and/or ignorant.

After going through the critical thinking process on this subject, young people find themselves in the position of abortion or condemned for a child out of wedlock, to give up or try to raise, and with no income to support the child. There is no good solution. It is a choice of two bad choices. A choice of two lives destroyed or just one. So where is the christian compassion, the understanding, that christians claim? Not there. They talk a good story, but do not offer solution. Sex abstinence lecture after a pregnancy does no good. They were only doing what nature demands. So where is the compassion? Where is the understanding? Where is the good choice? Christians are a bunch of self righteous hypocrites that criticize and abuse but do not offer any solutions.

So which is more important: to criticize and abuse others for bad choices or to provide solutions for those bad choices? Found homes to support the mothers and take the children to raise as your own vs abuse the wood be mothers? Are you someone who will be respected or just another abuser?

This raises the need for a G in critical thinking, the good. Simply, a plan defining the virtues we are striving for free of bullshit of supernatural thinking. (see Pain in the Ass, Christopher W. DiCarlo) Even the Stoic, Epictetus had a plan.    

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