Friday, June 2, 2017

So what is my future in archery?

I retook-up archery a few years ago. Back in 69 to 71 I shot regularly, and even to lessons for two winters. It was fun, and I acquired a fiberglass bow and made wood arrows. Well fiberglass bows do not work well in the winter, and I exploded that bow. I got busy working and did not shoot regularly but only occasionally, when the opportunity presented. The wife had a brother who shot, and the husband of one of her friends shot, so I got perhaps a dozen afternoons over the next forty years. After I retired, I bought a couple of bows, now I have five and use carbon fiber arrows, and shoot twice a week usually. I have read a "few" books about the subject, and watched numerous videos, and have considered making bows.

Along the way I tried teaching enter level archery and found I like that also.

Archery, as a sport can be divided into three categories: competitive, hunting, and recreational. Each has its own styles, equipment, and emphasis. I am a recreational shooter by nature; I do not care about competition, and do not care to hunt or to take lives of animals just struggling to survive. It is just something to learn about and to do.

There are at least seven different styles of modern archery as well; instinctive, modern traditional, authentic traditional or reenactment, FITA Barebow, Olympic recurve, Hunter compound, Olympic Compound. The first three categories are my main interests; the remainder are where most people are at. Currently the club does not offer much in the way of courses or information in these three. That I would like to do, and develop a bit more in that direction. One of the big issues I struggle with is how much material to put into one lesson. The time dictates how far we will get. The next issue is selling this to the club.

Passive resistance or passive aggressive procrastination by the executive is apparent and is driving the activities of the club. They are against anything that they do not want. It          

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