Saturday, December 6, 2014

On traffic

A few months ago, in Ontario, a young driver was charged for stopping in on a busy road to help ducks. She did not put on her hazard lights. This has sent me the message that blocking traffic is not permitted if there is a choice. The other day I was driving south through the dinosaur controlled town of Beaumont, Alberta, just north of the dinosaur designed traffic choke. There had been a heavy snow, and the sidewalk clearing was less than ideal. An old fellow on his scooter, powered wheel chair, what ever you call those thing, had got his hung up on a bit of a man made snow pile across the sidewalk. I would have liked to stop and give him a push, but the informal no stopping policy make it not advisable. 

The police have developed a comply or we will kill you attitude. Not good. It is time for them to be curbed a bit I think.

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