Wednesday, December 24, 2014

White on Black

How should the dictators' Centurions operate?

Any police force must use more force that their opposition to overcome. Dead is the most safe condition for any opposition. If anyone picks up any weapon or anything that can be used as a weapon, from a officer safety position, the best outcome is the opponent dead. If this is not supported, there will be no police force, on no active police force. Without this, no police force can operate. Corruption will be the rule.

The US is a black vs white nation now, and it is getting worse. You also have the Islam's my way or you are just an animal philosophy. The realty is that existence cannot depend on the observer. If it exists, it must appear very similar as described to all observers. That is the best evidence that all religion is just opinion and effort to standardize behavior. Be very careful if you try to do this, you may be wrong, and a government that is wrong soon will lose respect of the people, and will lead to society breakdown. This is the problem throughout the middle east, and with communism. The theory of communism is fine, but it forgets what people are, opportunistic greedy aggressive animals out to get what they can. Unless the political system allows our nature to run, we will struggle against the system.

Until it is acceptable to shoot anyone (except the centurions) on or in property on sight, there will be no privacy, no risk for trespass, and no fear of breaking and entering. Anyone resisting the Centurions are at risk of extermination. That is the way it must be. No one can legislate away that right and still expect the rule of law to work. Criminal rights have gone to far, and failure of the system will happen, unless correction in the direction is made soon. At the same time, there must be strict control on the Centurions. The first transgression, and they need to be demoted to unarmed tax collectors. 

Law enforcement can only work if we all want it and willing to cooperate with the law keepers and the centurions. We are all here to cooperate for justice, but not for citizen abuse. At the same time, the Centurions should stay out of the civil stuff, that should be a separate force of tax collectors. Essentially that is what they are being used for, and that is the start of the breakdown. The tax collectors will always be at odds with the population and never have public respect.

What should a citizen of the modern world to do?    

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