Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Canadian Ferguson

With the going on in Ferguson, with the shooting of Brown and no indictment, we individuals must take a good look at the police and recognize what is going on. They are tyrants, similar to the Black and Tans, the thugs that terrorized Ireland in the early part of the last century. I recall a experiment called the Stanford Prison Experiment by the psychology department.  The "guards" became brutal. That is the thinking of today's police force in general, and of some of the officers of our own RCMP. Their "dirty tricks" has cost their reputation, to the point that they are feared, not respected.

The other day, one car with two officers sat blocking left turns and through traffic at a stop sign. Anyone who turned right without a full stop along side of the police car got a ticket. Never mind that they had been stopped for five minutes behind the police car, before deciding the only way to proceed was to turn right, even though they did not want to.  And then approach each car they stop with a hand on their gun. A bit nervous to be cops.As soon as they ticketed, they were back, sitting in the way. Creating a situation, with which the traffic must deal. Anyone who drove around them got chased and ticketed.For those who are old enough, Hazard County, may come to mind.

And then the speed gun cop hiding behind a island sign, and a sandwich board? Nisku. Or the dinosaur nest speed choke of Beaumont? It is the RCMP that gets the reputation, even if it is the dinosaurs of Beaumont that cause the issue.

Tyrants, yes. We know from Socrates work that tyrants exist, and there is no way for an individual to deal effectively with tyrants. Ferguson is an example of open rebellion, and the coming state of our world, unless the police change there ways. But it is not only the cops that need a mental upgrade. The citizens need to respect the police, but that will not happen until the police change their attitudes and processes. First, they need to separate the traffic and minor stuff from the heavy criminal offenses, and create two separate system police systems to deal. Then the serious crime can be deal with without the hassle of petty shit and traffic.  There are many police personalities that become the tyrants of the Stanford Prison Experiment, and when they do, they should be turfed out of the force. No pension, no transition pay, just terminated.

I was not, I was, I will not be, It matters not.


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