Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What's in the future?

What is in the future?

The short answer... I do not know.

Well what do you want to do?

Well nothing much, I have everything I need, and I am trying to let go of desires. Desires derive or arise in the primal part of the brain. These are modified or can arise in the unconscious as well. This is where they derive the strength from. Desire for the basics are primal. The drive for food, sex, security, survival, shelter, companionship, and more and more, greed, probably arose on before we became human and make us humans today.  

It is likely those that desired more, spent every waking hour figuring out how to get more, survived better. And now that we have excess, desire is the underlying characteristic of excess that is bringing down our population, obesity wise.  That is why I am trying to give up many desires.

The Amish recognized this problem and put a solution into practice. We have no community anymore, we have specific interest groups which form a part of society and provide our social needs. There solution will not work in a industrial population as we have today.

It needs to provide a solution in the here and now, based on reason and logic or science. Religions cannot provide this. Psychology seems to be a lost cause, they have not figured out how to deal with emotions yet. The only hope is philosophy, not modern philosophy but as the ancients practiced as a philosophy for life. They knew that desires were the root of the problem, as did Buddha, and the religions.

The solution that the ancients suggested was one of displacement. Just keep on doing something. Any thing that is not part of the problem. Just do it. Pick up a cause and work on it. The none food related parts of obesity, and yet these cannot be separated from the food part, for they work together, sort of.


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