Saturday, July 5, 2014

What makes people so aggessive?

What makes people in traffic so aggressive? Bunch of maniacs. Bumper to bumper at 120 K on Nisku Road on Saturday. Why?

Are people so hyped up to get somewhere that they do not understand the risk. Prudent driving says 2 seconds between vehicles. Yes that limits traffic to 1800 v/hr, but safe. Speed limits and the 2 second rule are the dividing line between aggressive and defensive driving. Which are you?  

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  1. Fred that is a good question. Why do some drivers get behind the wheel and leave their brains somewhere else with little respect for theirs or others life?

    Are we all too busy getting from A to B calmly, politely and more to the point driving well? Sometimes the answer would appear to be YES (that's sad)

    I wish you safe driving

    All the best Jan