Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 22/2014 Beleifs

Nobody has the right to force their beliefs on others.  (note that you fricking moors)  We may lay out our beliefs for others to pick up,   if they choose, but it is not human to force others to believe something that is not logical. Having said that, I must also recognize that in saying that, forms a violation of that very rule.

Spock said it. "It is not necessary that you believe as I do. " ...  "  but your are a fool if you do not believe in logic."

That is the trouble with most religions, they force non-rational beliefs on there members. Beliefs are powerful things. They protect us from bad behavior of ourselves, keep us from consuming poisons, and keep us fat. Yes, our beliefs can have negative impacts. Some beliefs need to be changed, cleaned from our memories, the habits they fostered removed, and the beliefs made logical or abandoned.

AA moves the choice of drink or not drink from willpower choice region of the brain to the belief section... the only logical decision possible is to not drink alcohol, therefore not a choice once you believe...

So if we recognize that wheat and sugar are not suitable for food, the choice is removed. End of story.  Well it should be.

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  1. This post actually made me think about a certain religion, but not all of them. This one in particular has very odd beliefs. I can say that, since I left it many years ago, and quit pretending to believe in something I really didn't believe. I have been shunned and dis-fellowshipped for over a decade now. All I can add is the serenity and peace that I now have is priceless. I no longer dread an unannounced, uninvited, and unwanted knock at my front door from a messenger of God there to fill their quota of monthly visits. Hallelujah for small blessings!