Sunday, July 27, 2014

Control Freaks = Religion

There are two groups of people control freaks, one that want to control people, and the second who want to control people's thinking. The second group, those who want to control people's thinking are the most hideous of the two. Religions tell people what to think, these are the most hideous.

A good example of this is at   ( I will not give this person a link, you need to cut and paste if you wish to see it) where this individual thinks gay is sin, so what is sin if not mind and behavior control. These "author long dead" rules do not fit into a modern "do unto others as you would they do unto you" world. Big deal, so some few percent of the population do not reproduce and seek physical sensory pleasure in places which I would not go. What business is that of mine? But this individual seeks to push his concepts of right and wrong on others?

The churches are another fine example of do as I say, not do as I do, but are they right in their values?
It is not for me to say, but for each person to make up his own mind.


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  1. Once in awhile I get a religious blogger drive by troll that leaves a sermon and an invitation. It's like having someone come unannounced and uninvited into your living room and the change the subject by defecating on your carpeting. Then I have to do the administrative task of going into blogger and deleting their crap, following their link to their own blog and leaving them a stern comment hoping that will end it. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Rubbing their nose in it and throwing em outside seems to work the fastest.