Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Supernatural God

The handle of god has been used for a long time and has many definitions. In many religions, it is a supernatural being, which cannot exist. To the Phoenicians it was the creator of the heavens, the natural process, that they did not understand. OK, now we understand a bit, but not all, but enough to say it is all natural.

The stoics said that we had a bit of divinity in us all; that was logic, reason consciousness. Logic was the stoic god, and for some also nature and the forces of nature. They did not understand forces yet, but they did understand the unseen pushes and pulls of nature. As Zeno put it "All is controlled by the pushes and pulls of nature". 

The Greeks carved chunks of stone to represent Gods, which stood for a specific group of natural forces, or behaviors. They gave a specific group of forces a name. Somebody had to, and one more to rule over them all.

Now we modern humans should know and accept that nothing supernatural can exist. You can have concepts and live as though those concepts were real physical objects, speak of them as such, but if you do, you are just fooling yourself into an illusion or delusion. You are a sick puppy. Go hug a statue. Do it in winter, naked, just to prove how tough you are.

Gods have been used long enough to explain what you, we do not understand. Enough already.

So how does AA function. After reading DiCemente on Change, AA provides 8 of the 10 processes of change in the final three stages. It does this unknowingly, without a plan, without order, without intention. The first two stages are not present in AA, happily drinking, and getting into a bit of bother. It is not until they need or want to change that they darken the door at an AA meeting. There God is irrelevant, well not quite, it forces and attitude that is necessary for recovery.

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