Thursday, February 22, 2018

Trump Supports Shooting Children

 Today in the news...

So trump want to arm teachers to prevent shootings. So the next issue is some kid get shot by their teacher for acting up, mouthing, talking back, or some other thing...

In reality, Trump and the NRA support shooting children and other people, and we have a false dichotomy. Guns that are useless except for killing people are not needed in a civilian population, so the simple solution is to ban then except for police, military, or a special license. A restricted weapon permit for collectors, or gun ranges, where they can go and safely try out such weapons. Trump supports shooting children.

So Objectivism (Ayn Rand) has its points. One is productivity should be the primary virtue in the ethics, after reason, self interest, sort of things. Pick what ever we need to do and bring our motivation to that thing, our desires to the productivity. OK, it is philosophy, where the idea is of importance, but so is reality. Down with altruism, up with self interest. Ah but Ayn was born and raised under Stalin's rule, so there is a bit of basis there. Helping others should only be done from a place of security, not out of duty, obligation, or forced behavior. Government should get out of the way, and let the people do things... that would be nice. Do not make slaves of anyone nor allow ourselves to become slaves... Free trade... well yes... mostly. But she was on speed, twice a day. Oh well.

So now someone says following your dreams is bullshit, follow the money instead, and let the greed motivate you. Yah OK.

So now it is possible to pick a thing, and then bring your desires, wants, motivation to bear on that thing. And all the while Sam Harris can demonstrate that free will is an illusion, and even the Stoics knew that the only thing we have complete control over is totally in our minds; we have only influence over our bodies, little influence of some others, and no impact over most and the world in general.

An Ohio pastor and his family were indicted for robbing a Sunday School teacher at gunpoint.

Police Investigated a HS Student Who Drew a Square Root Symbol in Math Class

This sounds like I have been looking at the checkout Examiner or something.

And we cannot engineer ourselves out of climate change, likely. Who will pay? and the cost may be large. Organic carbon capture is likely the best bet, but population reduction is a more sure method. At Co2=550 ppm, in about 50 years, all humans will be on positive pressure machines to sleep or oxygen enrichment devices. Oh well, that is what the young have to look forward too.


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