Wednesday, February 7, 2018


In conclusion, sexting is just a foolish move at any time, it ranks up with using illicit drugs, hitchhiking, going to bars and clubs, consuming drugs, but...
This is not the story, but on global yesterday there was a twitch on TV saying "do not blame the victim" in some case where a sexting picture had been pasted on by the recipient, which apparently is illegal.

But then where is personnel responsibility for our own safety, internet security, our moral character? Personnel responsibility for our own moral character is what it is all about, and internet is just one more vector to deal with. Virtue ethics needs to be taught in school. If you want a clean character, you must live an upright clean live from the start, when you are young. If not, well, you may have someone that screams "don't blame the victim" but that is bullshit. The victim put there picture onto the net, and if you want to keep your self safe, the only defense you really have is to not take the picture of your nude self in the first place.

On similar topic, there was a "Christian" doing a rant about "Sweet Jesus Ice Cream", taking the lords name in vain. His load, he can hold those views, but what difference does it all make to a non Christian? Nothing. To bad, So sad.

Those are the two subject areas that I needed to look at as I found both "news items" troubling. One I do not agree with the commentator/speaker, and am agnostic/apathetic about the other. There is no evidence that a god exists, certainly no personnel god. 

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