Friday, February 19, 2016


After a year of Trump mania, I will say that Trump behaves like a egomaniac narcissistic psychopath, classic definition. I am not saying he is one, but his behavior is suspicious. I believe that everything he does is calculated to benefit him. His response of the public data may be questionable, and some of the time he likely goes from the gut with no data. He is cold blooded enough to run the US, but not well for the people. But then I live in Canada, and we have a wet fish in control.

Years ago, when I was pushing techs at Curtis, we had a tech who was very pleasant, and "would never disappoint anyone with an answer."  He was so pleasant, but so slow to get anything done, but when it was done, and finally invoiced, everybody was happy. He was so slow, we need to line him up with a post to see if he was moving. Promise everything, but nothing was ever achieved,  reminds me of Trudeau and the Indigenous commission recommendations. Yes, Yes, we are going to adopt every one of those 95, yah sure.   

Oh well, what do I care? I am just going to die off soon anyway.

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