Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The US loses Credibilty

Just look at the Quacks.

The reality is that all old religions need major overhauls. Reality of course, does not really exist, as we, the perceivers   are being deceived but our own observation. We see as we believe things are, not as they actually are. Three examples, commonly known as sunrise, sunset, rainbows, and retrogrades. Oh thats four. Oh well.

What we see is our perception of  the world, as biased by the observers. There is no life after death, no rebirth, no god, no sin only evil. It is time to give your head a good shake and get on with rational life. Government is not much about governing the people any more, and is all about growing government, and growing the economy. The economy of the government is all about cash flow,  which is diametrically opposed to cash in our pockets and savings for retirement. Oh well. We are on our own, always have been.

Now there are those who say they are Christian for the morals. Let me tell you, that is garbage. If you want to see morals, try the eastern Buddhist, Hindus Group, Jains, and the like. They were developed at a time where there population density was quite high, yet peaceful. There code is tough, but worthwhile. The stoics say that virtue is the only good, and the Buddhist agree but define virtue by knowledge and intentions. They also go as far as tell us how we can live within those definitions, and deal with the mental issues of keeping ourselves on the planned course. Oh well.

Some of the Buddhist stuff needs minor tweaking to bring it to modern understanding of life, but those are minor. Rebirth is out, hence karma is only in this lifetime, and the order of depending arising need a shuffle, 11 goes to 1, and death of a end of this generation. Rebirth becomes the next generation through heredity.  What Buddha's people saw as rebirth of similar people was likely heredity in a small related population. When we get old, and look back at the family, we so often see strong physical and personality characteristic traits passed down, generation to generation through both heredity and training. It was likely more obvious in there time as travel and mixing was so much less, and the environment did not change as rapidly. Oh well.

It is time to abandon religions and learn the Stoic and Buddhist ways. But what do I know?

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