Saturday, December 12, 2015

Notley error

"The global climate summit in Paris forged a landmark agreement on Saturday, setting the course for a historic transformation of the world's fossil fuel-driven economy within decades in a bid to arrest global warming."

But when I wander around this neighborhood there are the wood burners. As our NDP government runs up the price of natural gas and electricity, what are we old hill billies going to switch to? We have three obvious choices, wood, coal and used oil. There is a old dirt mover guy that heats his home and shop with used oil from his scrapers and cats. Hot water boiler and bunker C burner, but what do I know. That is not clean energy.

In the last few years, I have watched a bunch of coal stoker hot water systems go in. I can smell them as I wonder around, so these are not clean. When I drive past the big coal electricity plan there is no smell. So which do you think is cleaner? That coal plant burns powdered coal light with a natural gas flame. High temperature, quick burn, flyash cooling and collection. Very little vapor goes up those stacks. Co2 is clear at least, keeping the particulate down at least.

So if Notley wants clean, natural gas and electric must be cheap, and high temperature coal is as clean as any carbon fossil fuel can be. Renewable fuel like corn oil or canola just not there yet, and the energy balance is not good.  Natural gas,  CH4 produces Co2 and H2O, while coal produces just Co2 and trace minerals that mostly are collected in the flyash. The energy balance is good on coal, but the Co2 to energy balance is not as good a natural gas, but the cost is much less.

But how are is Notley going to control us wood burners? By government decree? Good Luck. Can the government refuse to let us heat our homes but the available means?

Here adds say the pollution control is good for the economy, but it is not good for the home owner. We are the ones who will be forced to drive the economy with money to buy natural gas. That is bullshit economy, not real economy.

But what do I know? 

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