Thursday, December 31, 2015


As I am reading Guns, Germs, and Steel  (Jaret Diamond) it is obvious that humans have a great ability to evolve everything we touch to something better, again and again and again. Generally something better is proven better in the long run, but improvements are occasional dumped in the long run because they are not actually better or cause new problems. It is so massive that it seems a universal characteristic of society, except for those resistant to change groups, Luddites, and similar. Islam and our native Indians, but they will accept the obvious big improvements like guns, drugs, automobiles. Many of the Indians will not accept having to go to work each day, and the Islams think there religion is right and does not need to be updated.

Now I know and accent to the concept that religions evolved, and are man made. I cannot accent to the theorem that there is a god. I have difficulty with the word atheist, as I am not against the religious; it is just not worth the effort; just let them die off. The young are worth saving. Non-theist is a better descriptor, but it is not a well understood term. Darwinian is understood to be just biological, but it is close to reality. Perhaps I should just consider myself a extended Darwinian.

Religions evolve to the point they are today. This makes religions man made but they do have functions. When life expediency was short, they provided an educational depository of information and explanations. Science has taken over the explanation, and as far as the morals, we can do better most of the existing religions by simply combining the moral of several including the Stoics, Buddhist, perhaps some additional christian concepts, like it is not right to kill anyone, including other religions and enemy's.

Perhaps we also need to add a few "solutions" to current problems like overpopulation like birth control, a one child policy, but then do a good job of raising that child. We would then go through a period of "old population" as we now live so long. Perhaps we need to give up the concept of retirement, but go for a part time worker instead, when we get old. Or take on a less stressful occupation like subsistence farming...  

But what do I know?  

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