Thursday, April 9, 2015

USA White on Black Problem

Another white cop shot fleeing black. It started as a traffic stop, two cops, at least two in the car. The driver takes off, followed by a cop, and a teaser is deployed, a scuffle, and the black runs again. This time the cop shoots and kills.

What options did the cop have to detain/ apprehend the black? Or should he have let the black run off? Once that running starts, it will become the method of escape for the fast on foot. There is no other choice for the cops but to keep in reasonable shape, but foot chases are not the answer. It is the blacks that must learn to respect the society and the laws or be shot.

Until that happens, the police will lose, and society will go down hill fast. The white cop took the only action he could to bring the black runner to justice. What should he have done, let the black run?

A picture just because;

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