Friday, February 21, 2014

Multi-Chem / Halliburton

Wednesday evening, we were at the public information meeting for  Multi-Chem / Halliburton - Nisku Blend Facility.

After thinking about the presentation, the attitude of Multi-Chem / Halliburton is similar to that of Monsanto. Your life quality is not my concern. Anything that leaves our plant will meet Environment regulations. We will generally meet that, and anything less that that is not our concern. You adjacent land owners are just not our concern.

Much of the regulations can be meet by blowing more air through the monitor. Dilution with clean air. All else is not Multi-Chem / Halliburton concern.

There attitude seems to be "we have complied with the regulations, it is not our concern. " or "If anything go's wrong, whatever fault was committed is not our concern, we are not responsible" This may clear their legal responsible, but what about moral responsibility?   

Putting a chemical plant within a populated area is just not moral, even if it is legal. 

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