Sunday, February 9, 2014

More mis picks

 Blue eyed grass
 butterfly on thistle, Brasseau dam
 Frosty Mountain Ash
Wood Pecker. The big pecker wood kept moving, and would not hold his head still.
 One of the lily family, wild, high country of BC.
 Crab apple, from front driveway, flowers last about 1 day.
N. Saskatchewan, at Devon. Forty years ago, I harvested Gold eye trout from this very spot, and fried they just to the left of here. Onions, butter, cast iron pan, over wood fire. The concrete bridge was not there then, only that old truss thing, one step up from a Bailey. 

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  1. Lovely pictures again Fred - thanks for sharing them with us.

    The flowers look stunning

    All the best Jan