Friday, April 8, 2011

Real or Fiction

What is written on (or should that be in) this blog may be truths or fiction; I do not know. Even intended facts are questionable, as until we know everything about a subject, and do a detailed report, some facts are only approximation of the real truth. Coarse models, if you will accept the concepts of words being only a model of reality. Some fiction is intended, some is not; and is more like errors or beliefs than fiction.

Today, it is my view that gods are just concepts. I was raised with hell fire and damnation religion, so I think they and there beliefs were just fiction as opposed to the view that religious people outright lied to me. Once I realized that gods are just concepts, it allowed me to step back and separate me from my beliefs, and become more objective. I now believe that all beliefs must be reviewed, and the garbage beliefs cleaned out. Some of the beliefs will remain, even when we know they are wrong, or contain both good parts and bad, as we do not know what is better. It is better to replace beliefs with real facts.

Non of this blog should be considered advise, as I am a geotechnical engineer, and not trained in any other field; however, I do read and form opinions, which I will express openly without reservation.

The government intends to mislead us in many areas, mostly for there benefit, nutrition being just one area. It makes decision that are based on opinions of the time which are usually twenty years behind the times, and once something is started, a major correction is near impossible, even when it is badly required. Such is the case with nutrition recommendations. Until the corrections are made, each individual must decide for themselves what is best and who's advice to follow. If you think government nutrition advice is bad, consider that Building Code mess that geotechnical engineers are in in Alberta.

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