Monday, July 23, 2018

unreferenced notes from about the web

China, the importing of oil has reduced. WTF. So solar energy is affecting oil consumption. I would have expected coal first, but that may go unnoticed as much coal is not imported. Not much information flows out of China. China is perhaps the leader in solar adoption.
So the Jews are forcing there religion on... well there are followers, just not the right way.

Israel, the Jews are an invasive species anyway, the invaded and displaced Muslims to form Israel to start with. They form ghettos most everywhere they settle and do not mix with other populations much. Oh well. The world is over-populated anyway.
Have the Russians hacked the rating system/ polling system? That could explain the growing loss of rational response in the US. A rise in support is not reflected in comments.

Religions seems to effect personality or individual behavior by defining what we should believe in a general way. Family is a Roman Catholic high, while community is a more protestant thing. Getting ahead by work is more protestant. Indulgences are certainly catholic, even where they still exist today.

So we become indoctrinated into our society and belief system in our youth, and modify it slowly as adults or not much at all. Or rapidly if we start to study our own belief system. Religion got society to here, and it is now holding us back. It is time to let go. 

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