Friday, June 1, 2018

Purpose or Not  got me thinking about the purpose of this or any blog.

In my case, the purpose is personal expression, it does not matter if others read it, but I needed to say it. Others reading this is secondary, but a good effect.

As an atheist, having been a atheist for a long time, and having tried to believe in a concept god for the potential benefits, all the while knowing that there is no evidence for a god, has left me in a position of not being too concerned for others. Once I also accepted that the earth is over populated, as evidenced by Co2 levels, and humanity are going to suffer because of this... well the next generations will need to evolve the ability to live in a higher Co2 atmosphere... then human life loses value. Why should I be concerned about others lives if they are not concerned about themselves?

In my philosophy and similar reading, it is apparent that homo-sapiens are merely the current dominate species, nothing more. We too, will become extinct, likely. We may become extinct through change, with a new species emerging, but each of us become extinct. Oh well.

I have a magpie philosophy, pick out the shinny bits and let the rest go by. Existentialism shiny bit is that this life is the thing of highest value to me, so I should not do anything that lessens that value. So the drug and alcohol world will just need to leave me alone. If you do not care about your life, why should I? So how does this fit in? Well, I am atheist, but that is incidental to life, it is the clear religion. If "atheism" is a religion, then clear is its' colour. Canadian Eh.

The US is a high war industry country, it cannot be peaceful. The war industry and the gun industry are related; it needs a violent population to keep the war industry alive. Peace cannot happen with such a massive war industry. Oh well, we live next door. We need a strong border to keep out the violence. Why should I care when Americans kill other Americans, or Muslim on Muslim. It is just savages killing savages, in an overpopulated world. As an atheist, I need to be responsible for my actions, not the actions of others, especially savages.

From the Stoics, one shinny bit is some things are up to me, the rest is not. It is irrational, aka not logical, to care much about that which is beyond my control and influence. Others may try to force onto me stuff that is beyond my control, but that is not my concern, for they are at best ignorant, and possibly willfully damaging. Ignorant or arrogant, it is their choice. Another shinny bit is that it is not the event that causes us issues, but how we think about it. Take the drug fentanyl/canfentanil issue, if those people do not care about their own bodies, why should I? Well it is addiction. So is some overeating. There is treatment for drug addiction, but not for food addiction. It is all about how we think about it anyway. 


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