Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A belief in god is a delusion since there is no god...

We believe much of what we were taught, but should we? It reminds me of a story: a doctor told a story about his first day in medical school: a professor told the students, “Over the next twenty years or so, we’ll learn that half of what we’re teaching you today is wrong. Trouble is, we don’t know which half.”  In engineering, when I was a student, it was similar but without the half; it was just some. In life, what we learned as children is riddled with wrongs, and that depends on what we use to test against. Is it wrong to be biased against religions, cultures, breeds or races, people with specific behaviors, people with specific beliefs? Given that we live in an overpopulated world, no matter how we try, we will be biased, for or against, and if we try, we will be biases against ourselves. Since we live in a overpopulated world, taking action to resist genocide can be seen as biases against ourselves.

If we are not already overpopulated, we will soon be.  I use a maximum viable population long term at which the earth can no longer keep up with absorption of Co2 as a definition.  At that point, we cannot continue to value human life as we have in the past. That is a moral tipping point, and we are at that point.

Many people have a strong belief in a gods, yet there are no gods, no supernatural, no souls, life after death, no reincarnation. So these people have a test book delusions, the belief in something that does not exist. The sure way to break the spell is to inflict the knowledge that a god, any god, does not exist. But that delusion is self protecting, and the believer builds this tremendous bias against reality. So the question is, how does one penetrate this bias against the single most important truth? Reality is the truth. And we should always tell the truth, right?

Once we accept reality, there is no god, we see religion as frauds, they do some good, or promote the doing of good, but have little or no money after building their structure and paying the priest for the doing of there intended good works. It all goes for support and wages. So why do we, the people, allow no taxed structures?

So we can divide humans into two groups, those who believe in gods, and those who know there are no gods. So which group will be better off?  At some point the world will need to understand the new reality of overpopulation and just stop reproducing. Then comes the question, do we save the overproducing savages or do we let them die? Myanmar is that time for me. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway. We can chose to look at the problem or not. 


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