Saturday, May 7, 2016

Fort McMurry, Be aware of Sham Aid Collectors.

I was getting a bit of gas yesterday, and a young fellow with a home made sign came up collecting for "Fort McMurry fire victums." I have seen this kid around, always collecting for something. Do you really expect me to believe this kid is that big into charity?

Just like the fake Salvation army Christmas stands.

Or the funding business, that fund charities, and pay their people well. How is one to decide what is legitimate?

Or the food bank collection box that get emptied out and put back on the shelf. I have seen that happen in two separate grocery stores. Oh well.

Now I am not saying to not give, but do so through recognized charities. All that is given is not much in the total picture, and it is mainly so that the giver feels better about having done something anyway. Much of the given is siphoned off as cost of support anyway. There are many parasite floating around all disasters. All you need to do is know a few of them to realize this. Oh well, now I am retired and no longer do any work for a few insurance companies.  

But what do I know?

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