Saturday, July 11, 2015

Capitalism, Greed and the price of rent

Capitalism,  our economic system, is was it is, but it is not Christian, by the teachings. It is based on greed, which is one of the seven deadly sins. So you can be a christian and capitalist, but then you will need to be fair, and not gouge the people who serve us and our clients/customers. It can be done, but not by many big companies. This takes balance and forgoing gouging. Few can resist the temptation.  

Greed and the price of rent have a relationship. Capitalism says charge as much as the traffic will bear. Not really Christian, which I am not, but I like to think that I have higher ethics. A reasonable return on the capital plus expenses plus a prudent reserve fund, and that should be the rent, not what the traffic will bear. So what of those politicians in the US of A, who claim to be Christians, yet do not live it but display greed, pride, and the like. Not ethical for sure.

Religion and culture are two potentially separate narratives we learn as children, and are just that, narratives, stories, not facts, not science. All bull shit, natural fertilizer.

I like the idea of Marxism/Communism: To the state according to our ability, from the state according to our need. But it forgets what people are, narcissistic, greedy. Capitalism at least allows for us to fight back, to gouge, steal, screw the weak and careless, take through fraud without much concern for legal action, especially if you spend more than you make.

Narcissistic, greedy is what we see, and yet, as far back as Socrates people are social and we are intended by nature to work together. Working together produces a flourishing society. There is cognitive dissonance here. People do what they thing is best for them, not society. We are individuals who are in the process of learning to work together, but have not yet learned or are not willing beyond small like minded groups.

It is the tenant that went broke, did not pay her rent, removed and destroyed doors and windows, left behind many piles of refuse and detritus, and I could sue, perhaps even get a judgement, but there is nothing to collect from, so why put myself through that. No more free reign in any of my premises. My rules or the highway.

Virtue, ethics and living in reality should be all we need to live a good life. Joy knowing that we are right, and acceptance of all that is beyond our power is the way to peace of mind. Knowing this is also necessary. Doing what it take to uphold this is also important.
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