Sunday, January 5, 2014

Assorted Pics

Small belled Pile sign post. This is the positive of the space left by a belling tool in high plastic clay.

This pic needs a turkey vulture in the tree. Rocky Mountian House, N Sask. valley, storm coming.

House cleaning is never done.
Rebar from 1906-1907, and other junk of demo.
In my back yard summer 2012
and 2013


  1. A great idea to show some of your many photo's.

    The back yard ones and the trees are my favourite.

    Do you like black and white photo's? I have some from ... way back .... of my grandparents which I cherish.

    All the best Jan

  2. Hi Jan:

    I used to shoot a lot of B&W, in the chemical days. I have started to hang old family stuff on the web at, but none of those are my originals.

  3. Hi Fred

    Just gone over to the ancestors blog, some good pictures and that journal was interesting too.

    It must take quite some time to do, but well worth it, as one click of the mouse and you have good memories and photo's to see and share.

    You have quite a few blogs out there !

    All the best Jan