Wednesday, October 23, 2013

3rd World Habits coming to Alberta

Of later I have noticed a lot of horn blowing in traffic. This is a 3rd world habit, that seems to be occurring much more. The driving manual used to say, stop, and see what is going on before proceeding.

Horn blowing is just noise pollution from rude impatient people, to downright arrogance and other trying to drive my car. When I have the right of way, you assholes just have to wait for traffic to clear so I can make my left off the street. Blowing your horn is just a display of your ignorance and impatience.

Blowing your horn when you have the right of way is arrogance. Get on with life and get out of the roadway at the proper speed. The world is waiting for you. Stopping when you have the right of way, and there is nothing blocking you is just wasting others time, and is just ignorant.

Horn blowing is a 3rd world custom, that has been imported along with the people, and should be left in the 3rd world. It is distracting, irritating, and often shows your ignorance. By the way, Old world, New world, and 3rd world, so we are second world. It is time you immigrants learn Canadian Customs, and abandon your savage ways.

It is all that damn Trudeau's fault, he let in the first big bunch of Vietnams, but others had before, but not to the extent.

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