Sunday, July 7, 2013

Seneca letter 47

Dipping into the old Romans, I came across a statement that made me think for a while. 

Seneca claims "Each man has a character of his own choosing; it is chance or fate that decides his choice of job."

I will suggest that the truth of this statement is not in question, but rather the current population thoughts on this matter. I suggest that the current population think that character is fixed or fated, and is generally more fixed than flexible, and that job is more choice. Backwards to Seneca's view.

Now which is right. Job choice is first, among the available options, somewhat flexible, but the options are not so flexible. It may be that we have some choice, but many hold on to a ideal, and then desperation sets in, and end working as a cabbie, while holding a Ph.D. or as a dirt tech with a Masters in Library Science. Oh well, shit happens. 

Now on to the first half. Is character fixed or flexible? How much have I changed over the years. A great deal, and not always for the better. Much of the change was forced as a way to deal with the situation that existed. I suppose there were other choices... but I did what I did... It seemed the best choice, not the wisest choice, but a choice none the less. So personality is a result of choice, but those choices are dictated... or forced decisions... by environment... situation... for the most part, not choice as the result of any plan.

There are many fraudsters, sociopaths and psychopaths walking our streets, driving in traffic today. And they became that way by choice, for they will prosper financially in this environment of today. They have a choice, so Seneca is largely right, and the common thoughts of modern society is wrong again.    


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