Sunday, December 16, 2012


Some where up in the brain, far below the ego, we store our beliefs and values. Some of these are just wrong, many are good, right, and true. Many of our beliefs were entrenched as children, and have not been looked at them since. Occasionally, we were likely forced into situations where we had to cross our beliefs to satisfy a need, an expectation, or a want for us or someone else who we gave power over us to. (Government, employer). At changes in our career, perhaps we need to open our minds and look at our beliefs honestly and with intention. Some will be just left, as we judge them to be good, and right and true. Other we will want to rip out like a thistle, roots and all.

This is basically the intent of Albert Ellis and Alfred Adler CBT, the Stoics, and philosophy in general, to shape out beliefs. Religions do some on this, but there primary intent is to transmit the religion to the next generation. Buddhism is the exception.

So what am I on about? Positive thinking, aka you can do or be anything you want to be, you just need to go after it, is a suitable philosophy for selling hope. Some will make it. It is good for modifying the lazy, and the unmotivated. It also increases expectation, anxiety, greed, guilt, and lower authenticity, integrity  and happiness.  Like any philosophy, it has a good side, and a less good side.

It is a short term philosophy, which is difficult for those around us. It can generate aggression, action, and similar violation of ethics to achieve an end. If this is what you desire, go for it.

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