Thursday, November 1, 2012

Only Part Residential

What is the real issue in building partly residential buildings? Our stupid building Code. Not really a safety issue, but a code writers ego, and insistence on beginning right without any reason, beyond his own collective ego bullshit.

Now the other side of the coin, the client, a builder is unwilling to spring for a geotechnical investigation, but wants pile designs for a bit of a stairs and roof overhang.

So how do I deal with this. Here is one example.

As this project is not entirely residential, the authority having jurisdiction or their agents are entitled to ask for Alberta Building Code (ABC) A, B, and C schedules. Tully Geotechnical Limited is unwilling to provide ABC A, B, and C schedules without a geotechnical investigation. The designs provide are provided on assuming the project is purely residential, and with assumed soil pile skin friction design parameters. Should the authority having jurisdiction or their agents request ABC A, B, and C schedules, the designs will be cancelled and other arrangements for geotechnical engineering will be required.  

How is that for a weasel clause?  
By the way the design parameters assumed are 15 kPa below 2.5 metres, if they can put in a pile, it will give us that. 

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