Monday, October 29, 2012

Procrastination verses Exhaustion

Procrastination verses Exhaustion

When we set out a list of stuff we should do today, and at the end of the day, it is not done, was it procrastination or exhaustion that stopped us, or just delusion of how much we could do in a day? It is difficult to to know along with the other stuff that comes up during the day.

When I was a young engineer, working for a testing firm, doing the dispatching, and engineering, I would start out with a pile of "engineering" to do in the morning. I would work all day, and toward the end of the day, the pile was bigger, not because I had not been working, but more was added, and I had been busy doing dispatching, and I felt it was up to me to do it all, a belief the company tried to foster in all the employees. They easily got 1.5 times the proper amount of work from us. Some of us believed the crap about how the company would look after us when the economy slowed, as it surely would. Those who got laid off after Trudeau's national energy policy came into effect know where the companies loyalty lies, with the boss man's bank account. The company and Trudeau emotionally, spiritually and motivationally destroyed many of us. No wonder there is such hatred of Liberals in Alberta.

Some of us never recovered to what we had been. Resentments, and distrust of companies, of promoter employers, kept us from performing our best for others. Companies need to be run by promoters, over optimistic, positive sorts, who can stay motivated and positive even when they as losing, just ahead of the bankruptcy trustee. Yet, at the same time, not defrauding the employees. Yes, not remitting employee deductions, and selling leased cars, and then leasing those same cars back are both forms of fraud. Producing fraudulent test results, pressing us to do likewise, and invoicing the clients is client fraud, and demoralizes the employees. Creating other companies to syphon of money for non-existent services - tax and society fraud. Running parallel companies with different ownership, one with Dick sole ownership, and all employees paid by the other, is theft from the other shareholders. We saw all those, along with theft of supplies, ordering stuff to steal for personal use, all by the share holders, who happened to be "management".

Billy and Dick, may you rot or burn, where ever you are.       

Now that I got past that rant, when I do not get my "today" list done, was the list just a delusion of what I would have time for, exhaustion, or procrastination. Did I do other more enjoyable things instead? Were those thing important and urgent? Or just important, or just urgent? We should not be doing unimportant and un-urgent things, that is just procrastination by displacement.

Important things may only be important to us, not to others. Rest and relaxation is important, and even needed, perhaps not just when it is convenient, but when it is needed. Ugly necessity. We can only do so much, and what we can do often declines with time, especially after retirement.

It is all over when the heart stops beating. Until then, we do what we do. Thank you for reading this. Please feel free to post your own thoughts or opinions on this subject or any other.

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  1. for our own well-being, we HAVE to do things that enrich our lives, not just take care of duties, if we can afford it! of course there are exceptions, but rest and recreation are essential!