Friday, July 20, 2012

Engineering Education

Engineers are taught the new, hot, sexy, stuff at university, not the basics. That is becoming an issue. We have people that know about the great stuff, but not how to do the basic stuff of every day work. Sure, when they get the chance at the big stuff, they can do it, but not simple stuff, or they are just uneconomical to do the simple stuff.

Desperation cause us to make poor short term decisions. Hiring unskilled but educated workers is one such alternative that pisses off the existing experienced workers. Now, are you just turning workers, or advancing the company?

Is there need of "engineering lite" books, but there are some of these, but they prescribe ways of doing things, but not the rational, the mathematics behind the methods. But I see a need. Or perhaps videos, documentary videos.

I took a job one time out of desperation, which was not great, but I got to explore paving over ice rich permafrost, which melted out as expected, resulting in wavy undrained surface, as well as pavement failures. Such is life. Doing thing for the wrong reasons, but getting some results.

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