Sunday, April 8, 2012

Asphalt Pavements

How do we repair asphalt pavements that are in need of overlay and there is no money?
Well that is a hard question. Water is the main issue. Overlay patch anywhere that water stands after a shower. Truck dumped and grader leveled asphalt is the best solution, equivalent to a leveling course. Seal to prevent water ingress. Water softens the support and hastens failure.

Expect heavier overlays.

Cracking will continue at a faster rate. New cracks and old cracks growing in length and width will create additional issues, so annual sealing via spray chip seal is the best patching method, where water is draining.

It becomes repeat the truck dump patching and spray seal annually until the road/pavement has been evaluated, and a structural over lay has been applied.

Most of the roads that I have designed the pavement thickness on were constructed with less asphalt and gravel than I recommended. This reduces a 20 year design, that should be overlayed at 15 years, to something less. When the next government administration asks why it is failing at 10 years, all involved have mover on. Say la vie.      

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