Monday, November 21, 2011

How Does One Organize Spaghetti

Spaghetti is a poison to one third of the population that is made from Durham wheat, a fall seeded variety of wheat, commonly called winter wheat. It is digested and absorbed slower that modern ground wheat, which makes it less damaging that red spring wheat but too hot for many of the descendants of norther European ancestry, or of Celtic or aboriginal ancestry. Modern wheat is even worse. Search Wheat Belly for more information. Add chemical fertilizer, and we have poison, but that is another story. See my other blogs for that stuff.

This is about sorting such things. When I was young, and writing computer programs with punch cards, with a stack a couple of yards high, and another yard of data cards, spaghetti program was the rage, with multi-branching logic streams, that lead to subroutines, functions, subprograms, error trapping routines, loop detection, file closing, m by n by o by g matrices, and other such things, all developed from pages and pages of flow charts and the like. What wonderful training for sorting spaghetti. Family histories resemble family trees with to much data, and no logical order to handle manipulable streams of unrelated data, something like sorting spaghetti to get it back into the package. Oh well.

I have several boxes of family records that I "inherited" from mother, that she, and some of my ancestors deemed important enough to save. It does not seem right that I throw them out. There also stories, bits of memory, that should be written so someone unnamed or even unborn could assemble these in something in the future. Who knows: a family trivia game? a computer game? a book? a blog? whatever.

We have no children to pass these on to, so I thought I would throw it out to the world and see what happens.    

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